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Starling CSR 2019

Starling Hotel Geneva's achievements in sustainable development

Starling Hotel Geneva publishes a summary of its commitments for the year 2019 in favor of sustainable development, in line with its CSR policy and in coherence with its values.

Social inclusion and assistance to the most vulnerable were at the heart of the actions deployed in 2019: several solidarity actions marked out the year and enabled Starling Hotel Geneva employees to demonstrate their enthusiasm for social causes, their generosity for those in need and to strengthen the spirit of solidarity within the company.

solidarity actions

Clothing collections were held throughout the year and, for the first time, a toy collection was organized before Christmas. These donations were handed over to the Geneva Red Cross, which works daily to provide local assistance to people in difficulty in Geneva.

Starling Hotel Geneva’s employees also supported 15 trainees in professional reintegration by passing on their knowledge of the hotel business to them: the housekeeping, kitchen, service, maintenance, reception and concierge teams were thus able to work with these trainees, who are not quite like the others…

Political refugees, often coming from a minority taken to task in their country of origin having experienced repression or war, young people failing at school and on the fringes of society or disabled people, all were warmly welcomed, accompanied and supported during their internship.

15 people from different backgrounds, each with a unique, moving or dramatic story, but who were able to give and transmit a life-lesson and an extraordinary hope for the future to the Starling Hotel Geneva’s employees.

These exchanges, so rich in emotion and sharing, allow each person to feed off one another and to deploy, in the noble sense of the word, the values of hospitality, cherished by the Starling Hotel Geneva.

Environment: Objective Minergie

The environmental aspect has not been outdone and 2019 was marked by a strong commitment to optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings.

The Starling Hotel Geneva aims to obtain the Minergie / HPE label and has undertaken the necessary administrative procedures with the official authorities (OCEN) as well as the planning of major works, with a view to their completion by 2023.

Waterproofing and insulation work on the roof is already on the agenda for 2020, prior to the installation of 693 sqm of photovoltaic panels that will produce some 138’000 kWh of fully renewable electricity.

Thermal performance

The hotel’s historic building envelope, which dates back to 1989, is also due for a facelift: 1’000 high-performance thermal and sound-insulating windows will replace the existing windows and provide significant energy savings.

This ambitious work will consolidate the efforts undertaken since 2010 to reduce the hotel’s energy consumption, which have so far led to a 20% reduction in heating consumption and a 43% reduction in electricity consumption.

The objective now, through the Minergie / HPE label, is to reduce heating consumption by 15% and electricity consumption by 5% by 2023, compared to 2019.

Water consumption control

Starling Hotel Geneva is also working to sustainably manage the water consumed or used on a daily basis in its hotel and restaurant activities.

Concrete and virtuous actions, such as the installation of pressure reducers on all faucets, the use of ecological and water-saving cleaning products for the maintenance of the 496 rooms and raising employee awareness of the management of this precious resource, have made it possible to reduce the ratio of water consumption per person welcomed (hotel / restaurant / fitness & wellness) by 9,5% between 2016 and 2019.

The future is being built today at the SHG and it is never too late to act !

After the beginning of 2020 marked by a global health crisis, the SHG teams remain mobilized and

continue to demonstrate an unfailing commitment to environmental preservation and social and economic development.


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