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Absenteeism: Actions and Prevention

Starling Hotel Geneva, biggest hotel in Switzerland, 4* superior, unique Urban Resort, is anchored in the local economy, with human values, quality of service and environmental commitments has experienced an important increase of the absenteeism rate in the housekeeping department between 2014 and 2016.


Actions implemented

Actions implemented

In 2017, the Human Resources Director and the Housekeeper Manager, with the logistic and financial support by the General Manager, decided to understand the causes in order to bring adapted solutions by creating workshops with the teams.
These take place in 3 points
• Presentation of the current situation and awareness
• Exchanges and sharing on the problems encountered
• Improvements and implementation of actions
The results of these workshops did not take long to come, and the Housekeeping department decreased by over  26% of the  absenteeism in 2017.

Consolidation in 2018

Consolidation in 2018

2018 is the year of the consolidation of actions undertaken, prevention and cohesion with confirmed employees and new recruits.
2 days were devoted to the visit of Bardusch our provider responsible of our laundry cleaning.
The objectives of this release were multiple:
• Discovery of a Starling Hotel service provider with similar environmental values
• Gives meaning to the environmental demands their impact
• Awareness of the efforts made by the General Manager
• Improved mindset in the department
• Better consideration of their role

This day strengthened relationship between the whole team and make us understand that our work done optimally had a real benefit on the treatment of the linen.

Félicien – Gouvernant des lieux publics

This is the first company that gives me the opportunity to visit the facilities of one of our service providers and to get to know a new activity. It allow to better understand the complete cycle of laundry. In addition it was a friendly moment between us.

Amalia – Gouvernant du soir

The interest of all the teams for this visit was immense and really appreciated this mark of gratitude.

Isabelle – Gouvernante Générale

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