4 September 2018 - 0 Views - Environment

Beekeepers (Amateurs) from Starling Hotel Geneva

Amateurs ? Not that much ! Passionate ? Surely !

In 2016, Starling Hotel Geneva and its environmental & energy committee welcome first 3 and then 4 hives, as part of a committed and participative environmental approach.

Pierre, Zaïn and Frédéric with different life paths, now professionals in hotel and restaurant industry, were behind the project, novices in the field of beekeeping.
All 3 are driven by the same passion for bees and the fierce determination to participate in the safeguarding of biodiversity.

This was made possible thanks to the support of the Management of the Starling Hotel Geneva, allowing our 3 amateur beekeepers to be trained and then to manage the Starling hives independently.

Their interventions and animal-friendly approach are punctuated by the seasons and the way of life of the bees. Their interventions and the care given are punctuated by the seasons and the way of life of the bees.
Today in July, the honey development phase is in full swing. The role and expertise of our beekeepers is essential: they ensure the well-being of the queen along with its foragers and ensure that the colony has the necessary conditions to produce the honey calmly and to avoid swarming.

The harvest, according to our beekeepers, will be in quantity this year but, as you can see, we will share this “treasure” with those who worked from April to July, with you and with our customers at Starling, who will have the privilege to taste this honey incorporated in some of our dishes and buffets.

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