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Exceptional wine pairing at L’olivo

The team of the restaurant ensures a perfect selection of wine that matches with the kitchen of Chef Fabrizio Domilici, but not only. Indeed, the choices are made favoring local producers that are ecologically conscious and respectful with the environment.

Le Domaine des Balisiers at Peney, is a fine example. Since the creation of the domain in 1982, organic cultivation is practiced on the entire vineyard, and in 2005, the precepts of biodynamic cultivation is implemented. Lyre-shaped trellising, natural product based preparations and vine strengthening plants, indigenous yeasts activated fermentation processes, red wines are matured in oak vats and white wines are matured in clay amphora. All these methods allow a traditional vinification process which is at the same time innovative and biological.

Choosing Le Domaine des Balisiers is one of the many cases where the Starling Hotel Geneva adopts a strict selection policy of its suppliers. These criteria are focused on two major directions: customer satisfaction and sustainability.

Rendez-vous every day, from Monday to Friday, at L’olivo to discover seasonal flavors in accordance with a carefully selected wine.

L’olivo Italian Restaurant

Le Domaine des Balisiers


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