4 September 2018 - 0 Views - Societal

“Green Day” @ Starling Hotel Geneva

On November 10th, all employees of the Starling Hotel Geneva participated in the “Green Day”, an annual information and awareness session about the environmental aspects highlighted by the hotel.

The year 2016 did not fail its reputation and was a resounding success throughout the hotel employees.

The Environment & Energy Committee chose two themes around which the following sessions were organized:

The first, dealt with the Energy Manager, addressed the follow-up of the annual objectives, the energy issues and the GeniLac project, led by the Industrial Services of Geneva.

The second, led by amateur beekeepers, focused around the work done during the first year on the Apiary of the Starling Hotel Geneva: Organization of hives and their development along with the seasons.

But… this moment of success was short-lived… The 30,000 bees comfortably installed in their demonstration hive and the tasting of the honey harvested in summer at the Starling finally took the glory.

The “Green day”, is also an opportunity to recognize the involvement of the employees on a daily basis and to encourage maintaining these practices over the years.

An ‘environmental meal’ is offered to the employees during the lunch break, allowing us to spread these inspiring messages. The meals are based on local products and on seasonality, served in the form of a buffet and to highlight a rich day in flavors and emotions.

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