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Interview Chef Fabrizio Domilici


Title: Executive Chef

Process: Food production

Years working at Starling Hotel Geneva: 14 years

What has been the most surprising request one of your customers ever made to you?

I have received many original requests throughout my career. The most surprising yet very interesting request was to create a banquet menu for starter/main dish/dessert based on Swiss chocolate. We reflected on different ideas for a long time, as I wanted to create something aesthetic, original and of course delicious.

What makes you the happiest in your job?

Without any hesitation customer satisfaction! It is the core element of our job.

What are the 3 characteristics you enjoy the most in your job?

First of all, all the products I work with (meat, vegetables, etc…). They provide a strong emotion when it comes to imagining how we can work with them in order to create a memorable experience for our guests. Then comes the dish tasting, because it is well known that « a cook loves to eat »! Finally, the creation and risk taking.

All of this of course mixed with a jovial atmosphere and a strong team spirit in the kitchen.

In your opinion what makes a great Chef?

So many things ! A chef has to know how to bring emotion and pleasure in every of his dish, he is a craftsman. He has to understand how to please its guests.

Long story short, he has to be extremely generous!

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