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Lavander to bees

On Friday the 6th of April, 2018, under spring sun and mild temperatures, employees of the Starling Hotel Geneva began to plant 200 feet of lavender near the apiary.

The melliferous flora, true lavender or the lavandula angustifolia is attractive to bees: its beautiful purple color and its nectar are highly appreciated by the foragers.

This project is a part of Starling Hotel’s ecological approach for the protection of biodiversity and pollinators.

At the dawn of the 3rd season of Starling apiary, all departments mobilized to plant these lavender feet.

Led masterfully by our Technical Director (also the Energy Manager of the hotel), this “plantation” operation has seen a great success, and for many of us it was an introduction to the joys of gardening, different talents usually devolved to meet the more conventional expectations of guests of a 4-star hotel…

Change of scenery and uniform for the Guest Relations, the 1st Housekeeper, the Reservations Manager, Conferences and Banquets coordinators, the Manager of the M!P & the Marketing & Communication Manager but the same level of quality is assured in the execution of their tasks.

These lavenders should bloom this summer for the greatest happiness, hopefully, for the bees.

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