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Mindful consumption & client satisfaction

Did you know that the 48’000 yearly eaten eggs are from a local farm situated only 17km away from Starling Hotel Geneva ?

In this context, traceability and short circuit gain all their meaning and our morning clients can enjoy a delicious breakfast with tasty eggs every day. Starling Hotel Geneva is proud to promote one of its local producers, La Pièce farm, the only GRTA labelled poultry farm. Concerned about the animal’s well-being, La Pièce farm breeds its brown chicken in open-air and feeds them with its own grain plant. Eggs are carefully collected every day and are delivered twice a week to the kitchen of Starling Café. Extra fresh, these eggs are prepared every morning by our chefs in live cooking and fulfill all of our clients’ wishes. Tasty omelettes, sunny side up eggs, Florentine poached eggs, are some of the gourmet and appreciated specialities of the breakfast buffet.

Starling Hotel Geneva would like to thank Sandra Baudet, owner of La Pièce farm, for her passion for quality product !


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