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Personal training & development

team building starling hotel geneva meeting experience

The Management of Starling Geneva Hotel & Conference Center and its 250 employees look forward every day to welcome their guests & to make their stay an exceptional moment.

The human resources department organizes an in-house training for all the collaborators & managers to associate every department’s teams and transmit the essential values of SHG. This program begins with « The Welcome day » which aims to discover the entire hotel as to apprehend the department & points of sales within the organization.

Always seeking for high performance and quality service, each of our teams participate in the exclusive program called « Know-how ». At the end of this session, the collaborator gets to be awarded as the « Ambassador » of the hotel.  Managers also receive the training and the personal development program called « How to manage your team »

This training which revolves around areas of expertise which allows every team leader to reach the level of knowledge, skills, and also the attitude allowing him to obtain at any time and in any circumstances the best team performance.
Starling Hotel Geneva through its training wishes to build convergence between all the collaborators, to share common values and to develop a strong sense of service towards our guest.


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