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Purchasing & Supply Chain

When efficiency rhymes with sustainability

Purchases represent a major stake in the quality of items and services offered to our customers at the Starling Hotel Geneva: food products, hospitality products and the linen in the room cannot suffer from any mediocrity.

With this in mind, the employees of the “Cost control” department play a daily partition calibrated to the millimeter and wisely juggle with orders, deliveries, inventory management & quality control at the arrival of goods.

In 2015, a reflection on the impact of purchases on the hotel’s carbon footprint was conducted by employees.

The results of this analysis led to a major overhaul of inventory management and purchasing policy  :

  • Reorganization of storage areas, integrating ergonomic factors and postural constraints (heavy loads, risk of falls, …)
  • Optimized inventory management, generating improved supplier satisfaction.

This fundamental work made it possible very quickly to record persuasive results: between 2014 and 2017, the number of delivery decreased by 12.5%, while the volume of purchase increased by 13.7%.

These figures are confirmed in 2018, as the semi-annual comparison between 2017 and 2018 shows a drop in shipments of 16.7% and an increase in the volume of purchases by 10%.

This sustainability approach consolidates the virtuous cycle of the purchasing policy already initiated for many years in reducing our carbon footprint:

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