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Starling consume local !

Did you know ?

  • 1/3 of the « Grand Genève’s territory » is agricultural land
  • More than 100 varieties of vegetables are cultivated there
  • A full of diversity of products: milk, fruits & vegetables, wine, honey, mustard and fish farming.

Starling Hotel Geneva, local economic player, everyday commites to minimize its environmental impact and choose, since 2016, to obtain the label GRTA Genève Région Terre d’Avenir which is based on 4 principles: the Quality, the Closeness, the Traceability and the Equity.

The GRTA’s precepts echo with the Starling’s values, carried by Chef Fabrizio Domilici and his team, and are the spearheads of the creation of the dishes served in the various restaurants.

Starling Café

Starling Café

From 5.30am, on the generous breakfast buffet at Starling Café you will find pure local products worked by passionate local farmers and craftsmen : the bread “épis & flute”, the milk, the “tomme” cheese, eggs, yogurts, the mustard, honey and the puffed wheat are certified GRTA. Other proposed products arise mainly from the national territory.

Starling Café open every day from 5.30am to 4.30pm


Italian food


L’olivo promotes a diversity of dishes cooked with GRTA’s products: Seasonal vegetables, mustard and vegetable oil, sweet pepper and honey garnished the menu according to the humor and the creativity of the Chef.

Also, Local and iconoclastic special feature on the restaurant’s menu: The Stracciatella of burrata and the burratina are made according to the Apulia traditional method by a cheese maker with raw milk from Geneva.

L’olivo, Italian fine cuisne open Monday to Friday from midday to 2pm and from 7pm to 10pm. Service on the terrace on sunny days

Casa Mozzarella is an artisan cheese factory that works exclusively with milk from Geneva and Vaud soil supplied by the Laiteries Réunies of Geneva. Casa Mozzarella puts its know-how at the service of the Starling Hotel Geneva for several years with the realization of products made to measure. In addition, Casa Mozzarella is often present during events or banquets made by Starling with one of its master cheese makers for mozzarella live show

Angelo Albrizio – Casa Mozzarella – www.halle-de-rive.ch/commercants/fromager/casa-mozzarella


When we started laying hens in May 2015, the Starling Café was one of the first to trust us by ordering our GRTA labeled eggs. The proximity of Starling with our farm ensures fast deliveries and fresh eggs in the kitchen. We hope to continue this excellent collaboration for a long time!

Sandra Baudet – La ferme La Pièce – www.ferme-lapiece.ch

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