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In this pre-summer period

In this pre-summer period

we are, for many of us, filled with good intentions about getting back into sports or keeping fit to stay in shape. This time of year is not the easiest one because there are many temptations and it is difficult to resist!

Alone, you will succeed because you are determined but the risk of injury and abandonment are high.


Who is better

Champion !

Who is better

than Marc-André, a qualified professional coach, practicing top-level sports and newly crowned French bodybuilding champion to support you in this project that will bring you well-being and health.


The imperatives

The imperatives

Indeed, the practice of a healthy sport with the achievement of objectives, motivation, safety and pleasure must include:

  • Personalized care that takes into account your background and sets goals
  • Nutritional advice and good dietary practices adapted to your activity and lifestyle
  • The practice of sport without risk of injury by having the right postures and the right frequency
  • Mental support to maintain motivation and performance achievement

Starling fitness & wellness is open to everyone with personalized goals for everyone. The support and advice of professional coaches are all advantages to practice your sport in optimal conditions of safety and well-being.


Coach at Starling Fitness

  • Skills

Very good knowledge of the human body and its anatomy

Advice on post-trauma and surgical rehabilitation

Nutritional advice

Sports instructor

  • 2019 Ranking

April 2019 – France Bodybuilding Champion category -90 kg

May 2019 – Selected for the French team for the European Championships

  • Required qualities to succeed

1 coach who encourages and advises

Methodical and structured

Rigorous and challenging

Mind and determination

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