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Thank you all !

Starling Hotel Geneva would like to sincerely thank its collaborators & partners for working alongside the hotel in order to protect the environment and for their eco-friendly approach.

In 2017, everyone’s efforts made it possible to…


Reduce the consumption of paper by 4.7% compared to 2016


Recycle 63.75% of the waste

Produce 34’199 kWh of electricity by the anaerobic digestion of our food waste and about 14.8 tonnes of compost, recycled in Geneva farmland fertilization.

Recover 8.4 tonnes of PET plastic for the manufacture of new bottles, therefore greatly limiting the extraction of fossil fuels (oil or natural gas)

Harvest 25 tonnes of glass, 100% recycled and retransformed in bottles or cellular glass

Recycle 27 tons of paper that gives life to new paper fibers, minimizing 5 times the impact of electric energy during the manufacturing compared to primary manufacturing from wood.



Change the air conditioning system in one part of the building to reduce the annual power consumption of the hotel by 5%.

Replace restaurants washing tunnels in order to increase their energy efficiency by 30%.

Hives & bees

Expand the Apiary with a 4th hive

Welcome 41 students from the Place du Grand-Saconnex school to explain the life of a beehive and the determining role of bees in the ecosystem

CO2 Impacts

Transport our 102’000 customers by scrupulously respecting the precepts of eco-driving .

Working with our suppliers to reduce the number of deliveries of operational consumables from 2014 by 17%.

Responsible for purchase of food products

Favor local producers and the short circuit

More than 63% of the food products cooked by our chefs are Swiss.

This figure rises to 90% if the French and Italian products are counted.

In order to anchor this approach in the local and sustainability, the SHG is supplied also from certified growers GRTA *.

The consumption of GRTA products represent for example:

  • 66’600 eggs from free-range hens
  • 2’360 yogurt
  • 1’110 liters of grape juice
  • 590 kg of bread

* (Geneva label guaranteeing the quality of agricultural products, respect for the environment, refusal of genetically modified plants and animals, proximity to the production area, traceability of the sector and equity allowing the farmer just working conditions)

  • Promoting the passionate winemakers: 77.5% of selected white wines are from Geneva or from Switzerland.
  • Integrate a wide choice of beers developed by Swiss micro-brassieres in the menu of the Cbar & Lounge.

But this work and these efforts would be worth nothing without the finest rewards: the satisfaction and the loyalty of our customers.

Thank you all without whom these results could not be realized! Thanks to our customers for their trust and their loyalty!

The Direction

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